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Social Media Users – not Speaking Out about Big Issues – Online and Offline

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Looking for intellectual discussions and sharing your opinions with people on Facebook or Twitter? Apparently that is not as easy as you might think as a new study has found that people who are active on social media platforms are less likely to share their opinions on big issues, regardless if they are online or offline. The report calls it

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WhatsApp competitor with end-to-end encryption launched by German Postal Service!

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You could have thought of a number of companies launching a messaging service to go up against WhatsApp but the German Postal Service most likely didn’t come to mind. Well, today the company announced SIMSme which is a messaging app with end-to-end encryption. Not only that, the company is promising that all data is stored on German servers only and

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Facebook Financials – Mobile Ads Impress, Company worth almost $200 Billion

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When Facebook went public in 2012 many investors called it a disaster. The first shares of the company were bought by investors for $38. But the stock crashed after the IPO, going down as much as 50% in the coming month and finally reaching a low point at around $14 when the company couldn’t deliver on mobile advertising growth and

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