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In Asia Phablets Are So Yesterday. Users put Tablets to Their Faces to Make Calls

xperia z2

Phablets have been the trend lately but according to research firm IDC that is not the case in Asia anymore. Tablets now often have cellular voice capabilities and that has helped tablets grow and reach a total of 13.8 million units during the second quarter. 25% of these tablets had voice calling over cellular networks as an option built-in to

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Sharp Acquos Crystal – Futuristic Design with Ultra-Thin Bezel coming to Sprint

sharp logo

Sharp Acquos has mainly been know in the TV market. Now the company is making some noise by entering the smartphone market with the Acquos Crystal. Why do we need another Android based smartphone? Sharp has stepped it up in terms of design, the 5″ screen thin display has almost no bezel which makes it look unique and futuristic. The design

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3 New Kickstarter Projects worth looking at – Smart Garden, Bluetooth Padlock and Tangle free Earbuds

kickstarter logo

Kickstarter is an amazing platform to get funding for creative ideas, products and bring them to market. We have seen many successful projects in the past, we have selected three new technology projects that we think are worth looking at:   Eve and Adam make your garden smart Smart Home has been the buzz word lately, well check out your smart garden

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Is Samsung about to lose Top Spot in India as well?


Earlier this month we reported that Samsung had lost the number one spot in China as local Xiaomi overtook them with a reported 14% market share, the Korean electronics giant dropped to 12%. Samsung has had a struggling quarter as world wide market share declined, so did revenue and profits. As we pointed out before, Samsung is especially having problems

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Verizon has the best network, wins 5 out of 6 categories in latest Report


Verizon is dominating the latest RootMetrics Mobile Network Performance Report. The report is extensive and the networks are tested during different conditions to simulate what everyday consumers experiencing. The company took a rather large road trip across the States, drove 234,000 miles and collected more than 5,6 million samples. So Verizon continues to dominate, they won 5 out of 6

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Mother and former teacher creates app to disable phones if kids ignore calls or messages

Ignore no more

Sharon Standifird, a mother and former teacher has created an app that gives parents control back over their children’s phones. If children ignore repeated calls and text messages to reach them, with Ignore No More! you simply lock their phones until they call you back. That means no calls to friends, no text, no games, until they communicate with you!

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