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Facebook Financials – Mobile Ads Impress, Company worth almost $200 Billion

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When Facebook went public in 2012 many investors called it a disaster. The first shares of the company were bought by investors for $38. But the stock crashed after the IPO, going down as much as 50% in the coming month and finally reaching a low point at around $14 when the company couldn’t deliver on mobile advertising growth and

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GoPro gets Xbox On-Demand Channel, sharing and buying features included


In recent month we have written several articles on GoPro. The camera manufacturer went public in June and the stock has since been flying high. So far all the revenue GoPro has generated comes from the cameras itself and the accessories. Investors are valuing the company more like a media company, and that is the direction GoPro is going into

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Apple teams up with IBM – Steve Jobs would not be pleased

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In the 80s Steve Jobs did everything to turn people against IBM. It was the enemy and it seemed to remain that way with Steve Jobs not being a person that can easily forgive. When he left Apple, the company decided to use IBM processors, something Jobs quickly worked on changing when he came back a few years later. Eventually,

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Intel – Revenue and Profit increases, positive Outlook

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The PC market declined by almost 10% in 2013, this year we are looking at a much better year with the PC market expected to drop just under 3%. (Read our earlier article how tablets will overtake PCs). Intel says the worst times are over for the PC industry and looking at their latest financials they announced on Tuesday it

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iWatch – 60 million units within a year?


While Apple is playing catch-up, and smartwatches based on Android Wear such as the Moto 360 has excited consumers in recent weeks, Apple could once again come in and dominate the market. While IDC reported that the wearables market will grow to 111.9 million units by 2018, Morgan Stanley thinks that Apple could sell as much as 60 million units

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Microsoft is going to cut jobs because of Nokia


Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia earlier this year for over $7 billion. The acquisition of the mobile device unit of the Finish company came also gave Microsoft an additional 25,000 employees, an increase of almost 25% for Microsoft. Since the acquisition was completed in April, it has been rumored that Microsoft was not going to keep everyone around and a

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What is next for Yahoo? – Acquisition spree continues


Marissa Mayer took charge of Yahoo in July 2012. She has tried to radically change the company culture, while often controversial, Yahoo is certainly not seen as the former giant, that is now old-school and just not worth looking at for the rising talents within the tech industry. When Mayer took charge of Yahoo, the closing price on NASDAQ was

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