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Apple wants to improve iTunes with Swell Acquisition

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According to various reports, Apple is set to buy Swell which is a personalized radio and podcast application. The Cupertino company is said to be being around $30 million for the company. Companies such as Spotify and Pandora have made music streaming extremely popular and as a result digital downloads have declined, directly impacting Apple when it comes to revenue

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50 Shades of Grey – Our version


The official trailer of Fifty Shades Of Grey was released yesterday. It already has close to 6 million views and Universal Pictures is making the choice for most men when deciding where to take their Valentine as the movie will be released on February 13. While women around the world are reading the book over and over again and are

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GoPro gets Xbox On-Demand Channel, sharing and buying features included


In recent month we have written several articles on GoPro. The camera manufacturer went public in June and the stock has since been flying high. So far all the revenue GoPro has generated comes from the cameras itself and the accessories. Investors are valuing the company more like a media company, and that is the direction GoPro is going into

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What is next for Yahoo? – Acquisition spree continues


Marissa Mayer took charge of Yahoo in July 2012. She has tried to radically change the company culture, while often controversial, Yahoo is certainly not seen as the former giant, that is now old-school and just not worth looking at for the rising talents within the tech industry. When Mayer took charge of Yahoo, the closing price on NASDAQ was

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Kickstarter Darling Rocki Play – “Looking to revolutionize” music streaming – now adding iOS support


We reported on the CE week in New York earlier, while one company didn’t make the highlights, we certainly think it deserves a closer look given the recent announcement and buzz surrounding the company – ROCKI, which funded a Wi-Fi streaming device through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is the place to be for startup companies in need of capital and has made

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No time for legal battles – Canon and Microsoft sign Patent Deal


The software giant Microsoft and Canon have signed a cross-licensing deal which will give them each other access to their patents, including certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products. “This collaborative approach with Canon allows us to deliver inventive technologies that benefit consumers around the world,” said Nick Psyhogeos, a Microsoft associate general counsel for intellectual property licensing. “Microsoft believes

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Apple CarPlay – The first 10 Partners


Earlier this week Audi already announced that they will be including Apple CarPlay in their models by next year. Now Apple has named additional automakers that are going to include CarPlay: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Ferrari, Chrysler, Dodge, Mazda, Fiat, RAM and Jeep. CarPlay is not supporting older generation iPhones, you will need to have the 5th generation in order to connect

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Acquisitions continue – Google buys Songza – wants to know how you listen to music

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Google is at it again and is acquiring Songza, a streaming service that will serve you playlists based on your mood. So why is Google buying a streaming service for $39 million when they have Google Play Music? The service has over 5 million users, but that is not the reasons Google is buying them. Songza has tons of data

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